Consulting Done Differently

Specializing in everything FinTech, Howkap LLC is a boutique consulting and advisory firm that brings an innovative approach to buying and selling technology. 

Banking and technology are changing.
The way you buy and sell needs to change as well.


Banking Clients
  • Pricing, Contract Renewal and Business Negotiation
  • New Vendor Selection / Existing Vendor Review
  • Technology and Modernization Strategy


Fintech Clients
  • Direct Sales / Business Development
  • Go-To-Market
    • Product Development, Business Strategy, Market Identification and Pricing
  • Partner / Reseller / Ecosystem
  • Sales Team and Sales Process Evaluation

About Me

Howard Kaplan is the founder and president of Howkap LLC.

My entire career has been in this space, selling some type of technology to financial institutions or organizations that want to offer financial products and services.  I spent more than 15 years at FIS leading their largest and highest profile core processing engagements and was part of the leadership team at Mambu as we brought that product to market in North America. 


In 2022, I started my own advisory firm, where’ I’m taking everything that I learned from the vendor side and flipping it around for my client’s benefit.  It puts me in a unique position to work one-on-one with my clients to not only lead them thru a review or negotiation but also to ensure we’re focused on their desired outcomes, should they decide to make a change.  On too many occasions, I’ve seen banks go thru a standard RFP process and negotiate pricing based on a consultant’s “model” or “best practice”.  After a long core conversion and when the dust settles, the bank is no better off than they were before. 


Having experience with both legacy and next generation solutions and understanding what’s being sold, how it’s being sold and the different pricing methodologies, I can provide a different perspective and engage with my clients in a different way. 


Howard Kaplan, Founder and President


Phone: 407-421-3676